Submit a Blog Post!

We invite you to submit a blog post on any topic relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights in Africa, preferrably relating to youth or the role they can play.We also invite submissions from youth outside of Africa, particularly from the Global South to enable learning across continents.

Submit your posts to


  1. Length: posts should be no longer than 400 words
  2. Avoid jargon. Don’t assume everyone is familiar with acronyms or lingo specific to this field.
  3. Include a picture and links as much as possible. Links will lead readers to websites that will provide them with more info.
  4. Include a brief bio with your submission. Bio should include; full name, affiliation, location and contact information such as email, twitter and blog if applicable).

We look forward to your submissions, and sharing your stories with our audiences!


5 thoughts on “Submit a Blog Post!

  1. Hey has anyone everthought of distributing contraceptives to the street children!i thought it will prevent hiv/sti and unwanted pregnancy.i think the baby to be born will have more problem and more risk of getting infected compared to the mother.

  2. Access to FP still a major problem in Sub Saharan Africa especially in rural areas. Overpopulation as a result increases poverty levels and illiteracy in the region hence promoting insecurity and drug abuse amongst youths.
    Will MDG on FP really be attained??? Culture and religion still a major challenge to its success.
    Youths lets change our perception on FP and lets grow and develop and be better leaders. this is our TIME

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